Sunday, November 1, 2009

THE VERSUS SERIES! -October Theme 2009

Here is yet another entry for D.D.T.'s October theme (VERSUS). It features Daredevil squaring off against Ironfist on the most likely battlefield for all superhero throwdowns; the 45 cover of a children's record.

Ironfist was my childhood fave and DD was my cousin Demian's fave. As kids we used to argue over who would actually win. I believe that they finally did duke it out in the 2nd issue of Contest of Champions, to which we concluded it was pretty much a draw. DD pulled some lame crap and threw a snowball into my boy's face to gain the advantage if I correctly recall! I'll dig it out an' confirm this someday since I know that SOOOO many of you's guys are dying to know this! Until then, enjoy or feel the pain (whichever you prefer)!

Artwork by Justin JUSSCOPE Orr suckaz!!!

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