Saturday, November 21, 2009

THE VERSUS SERIES! -October Theme 2009

Poor Ka-Zar, I hope your sabertoothed tiger friend is around, he seems to be the brighter of the two of you!

Well this certainly didn't evolve as originally planned, but it has entertained me nonetheless! Done for our October "Versus" Challenge. What? It's close to the end of November? Why wasn't I alerted to this?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

THE VERSUS SERIES! -October Theme 2009

Here is yet another entry for D.D.T.'s October theme (VERSUS). It features Daredevil squaring off against Ironfist on the most likely battlefield for all superhero throwdowns; the 45 cover of a children's record.

Ironfist was my childhood fave and DD was my cousin Demian's fave. As kids we used to argue over who would actually win. I believe that they finally did duke it out in the 2nd issue of Contest of Champions, to which we concluded it was pretty much a draw. DD pulled some lame crap and threw a snowball into my boy's face to gain the advantage if I correctly recall! I'll dig it out an' confirm this someday since I know that SOOOO many of you's guys are dying to know this! Until then, enjoy or feel the pain (whichever you prefer)!

Artwork by Justin JUSSCOPE Orr suckaz!!!